Caring for Cats The Easy Way

caring for cats

You will need a great deal of commitment in order to own a cat as they do require some care (although not as much as dogs!) and can live as old as 15 years (or even longer in some cases). Cats require feeding (daily), care and ‘play time’ on a regular basis. You will also…


Take Your Pet On Vacation

Did you know that Americans are more carrying about their pets than any other country in the world? They would actually prefer to travel with their pets. You will find that there are thousands of people who would rather travel with their pets then live them at home. They will want to take their pets…


Pet Insurance and Why You Can’t Afford To Be Without It

Pet insurance has been and still is a growing concern with pet owners alike, due to the increasing amount of necessary trips to the veterinarian. Some of these trips can be extremely expensive depending on the reason for your visit. Routine check ups as well as emergency visits can be a costly expense that can…


How to Take Care of your Dog

The Bond that can come between a person and a dog can be extremely strong, especially if that bond had been strengthened living with each other for many years, I have personally cried after loosing our family dog that had been like a best friend to me from my birth till I as 15 years…


Pet Diseases: Healthy Pets Make Healthy People

healthy pets and owner

Pets are prone to many illnesses. Hence, they should be taken care of very well and also monitored regularly for any symptom of ill health to keep their well being. A pet can be a happy companion to human being only if it is healthy. Some of the symptoms of pet diseases causing ill health:…