Photo Submission


Get a chance to win a free gif (similar to the following) made for you to post on social media.

Wanna get an animated image (in gif format) made for you to post on Instagram, twitter, tumblr or any other social media?



All "individual" pet lover over 18 years of age can submit.

Sorry, this feature is not for commercial nor business promotion. No commercial/business will be accepted.

Please contact us if you have business/commercial interest.



Simple rules:

  1. Submit only tasteful & high quality image of your dog (maximum: 1920-width x 1080-height) in jpg format.
  2. With clean or white background
  3. Provide short quote in less than 25-30 words
  4. You can submit multiple images, but only best one will be used.
  5. S/he should be "Adorned" (i.e. bandanna, hat, dress, shirt, shoes etc..) in a human and no harmful means/ways.
  6. NO hatred, violence, obscene or other content that's considered not suitable for the general public.

At the end of each month, there will be 3 winners.



The "selected" top 3 winners will be receiving

  • One 450 x 450 pxl animated gif image specially made for you manually.
  • 1 - 2 seconds animation.
  • With PetAdorn logo and "Capture your mini-me" animation at the left bottom corner.

Check out gif in action below:



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