Make a DIY Dog Bed for Your New Family Member

Make a DIY Dog Bed for Your New Family Member

If you just got a puppy, setting up your home to accommodate your puppy will be the next thing on your mind. Try making a DIY dog bed, it will enable you to personalize the sleeping quarters of your dog. This will help you save money and it is really easy to make.

Firstly, get an old pillowcase and fill it up with fiberfill, as full as you want. You can get the fiberfill at any craft or fabric store. Bigger dogs require a firmer mattress, so you will need to fill it more. You can use cedar chips or shredded newspaper in place of fiberfill. When you are done filling, you will need to seal the open end of the pillowcase. You can use fabric adhesive or liquid thread.

When the bed gets soiled, all you need to do is cut the pillowcase, remove the filling, wash the case, re-stuff it with fresh filling and seal it up.

If you want to spice up your dog bed and make it fancier, get a nice fabric and cut it to the size you want. Glue the top and bottom together, leave a little space so you can stuff it. You can use the same stuffing technique. You can also use suede, velvet or other soft, plush fabric.


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