Five All Natural Solutions for Preventing Doggie Dental Problems

Five All Natural Solutions for Preventing Doggie Dental Problems

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 80 percent of all dogs will suffer from dental issues by the time they are three years old.  Reducing tartar build-up and keeping your dog’s teeth, gums, and mouth free of bacteria can boost his oral health and help prevent dental problems.

Many pet parents brush their dog’s teeth which is a noble effort indeed but human toothpaste contains fluoride, xylitol, and other ingredients which can be quite dangerous for dogs.  Even dog toothpaste can be harmful to your furry friend since it may have sulfates, parabens, and a number of other unwanted ingredients in it.  Not only are these ingredients a threat to your dog’s health, they can actually cause dental problems which make them pointless to use for dental problem prevention and treatment.

Dog treats are also often given to pups to chew on in hopes of promoting good dental health by removing plaque and tartar build-up off the teeth.  It is also given as a remedy for teething woes and as a cure for bad dog breath. Many treats contain a huge array of ingredients that are not natural and certainly aren’t healthy for your dog’s dental or overall health.  Sugar, sugar substitutes, questionable peanut butter, and lots of other problematic substances can be found in chew treats.

Chew toys are no better than chew treats.  While they too are given with good intentions, to be conducive to dental health and hygiene, they are generally made from plastic or other materials that contain toxic chemicals.  Further more, they can break teeth or the material they are made from can break off inside your pup’s mouth.

Below you will find seven super-safe, ultra-effective, all natural ways to ensure your dog’s dental health is in tip-top shape:

  1. Use silkworm cocoon as a gentle tooth brush.  Doggie toothbrushes can be too rough on your dog’s mouth and aren’t made from natural substances so they can have ill effects such as provoking allergies to flare up.  Chewing on a silkworm cocoon will get the same job accomplished by ridding the teeth of plaque and tartar and also by cleansing the mouth area.  You can also find toothbrushes made from silkworm cocoon that are soft and natural can be used in lei of a regular toothbrush.
  2. Non-aluminum baking soda mixed with coconut oil is an excellent natural dog-friendly toothpaste. At the best, dog brand toothpaste generally has fillers and preservatives that simply are not good for your dog’s dental health or even for his health in general.  By making your own dog toothpaste formulation, you’ll bypass all those questionable ingredients.
  3. Filtered water reduces plaque build-up.  Unfiltered tap water is often assumed to be safe for pets but it really is not safer for pets than it is for humans.  Plaque begins to build up on your dog’s teeth over time because of the poor condition of his water.  Offering him filtered water helps prevent the build-up and also eliminates other harmful ingredients in the water too.  Beware that bottled water is not required to list their source or their ingredients on the label.  Some are as bad (or worse) than tap water.  Some also contain fluoride so do your homework to find out what bottled waters are safe for your dog and which are not.
  4. Burdock root can be chewed for optimized dental health.  It not is not only conducive for using as a preventative measure, it also helps with existing dental issues like sore and swollen gums, periodontal disease, and painful inflammation due to decay.  As a side benefit, it reduces stress which also comes along with tooth pain. Simply steep 1 teaspoon of dry burdock root (purchased or home grown) in a cup of water and let it cool.  Squirt the mixture into your dog’s mouth using a needless syringe or small spraying device.  The tincture will freshen his breath as it relieves pain and swelling and promotes preventative dental health too. 
  5. Sugar can be used as a healthy dog chew that promotes good dental health and hygiene.  Sugar in its natural, unprocessed form is actually not bad for humans or dogs and has healthy dental benefits besides. 

Doggie Dental Tips

Here are some things to keep in mind concerning your dog’s dental health:

  • Be sure to brush your dog’s teeth or have him self-brush with silk worm cocoon at least twice per week or more often if possible.
  • Never give him non-organic treats as they generally contain ingredients that are not healthy for his dental well-being or his general well-being.
  • Keep a watchful eye on your dog’s teeth and look in his mouth on a regular basis to check for inflammation, decay, and other issues.
  • If your dog is not eating properly, check his teeth and gums for problems or take him to have his veterinarian check them.
  • Know that you as the pet parent have the final say in any dog dental decisions to be made.  You can opt out of any procedures like teeth cleaning that uses chemically-based cleaners.

Bad dental health can cause pain, deterioration, bad breath, and can cause other medical problems for your dog.  Heart disease and digestive issues can result from poor dental health.  Plus, it’s expensive!

Now you can take care of your dog’s teeth, efficiently and effectively, the natural way – just as nature intended.


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