How do I measure my dog?

By using soft measuring tape. If you do not have it handy, you may use non-stretch string then use the ruler to convert it. You may watch this video here to help you.

How did you come up with Pawsome clothing ideas?

It actually comes from my “love-affairs” with the fur-babies. At very heart, I am inspired by the Austin Power with the “mini-me” concept.

Do you sell dog clothing?

PetAdorn sells digital download cutting patterns, no physical goods.

Are my personal information safe with you?

Privacy is paramount important. To say that, you are automatically secured with (SSL) encryption and your browser should start with https as soon as you logged in or at the checkout page. No financial information will be stored at our website, it is at the discretion between you and the financial institutions.

What is your return policy?

Sorry, there’s no return on digital downloads because everything is digital form.
To avoid remorse, if you are unassured the purchase, you can always start out from the free version before click on the purchase button.

What is my dog’s size?

There is many inter-breeding among breeds, consider that, there’s no one size fits all. If you are lucky, you may find a closer fit on the shelf or at the store.
But. don’t fall for the lettering size, because most often than not, the one-size letter clothing will not fit your fur-baby. You will find they are either too long, too wide, or too pre-Madonna look!

Do you make custom dog clothing?

Unfortunately, no. PetAdorn has a new mission as we are heading to new reality, PetAdorn is now digital-focused. That said, PetAdorn do offer free custom clothing from time to time to its loyal followers. Please stay tuned for more updates on the free

Do you have something for big fur-babies?

As of now, as far as clothing goes, PetAdorn has stuffs for small to medium size fur-babies. It is more challenging to put the cutting patterns to download form for larger babies.

When will I received my downloads?

Your download link should be send to you via email after the completion of check out within couple minutes.

What if I bought the wrong size?

Please make sure you measure your dog before purchase. The cutting patterns were designed for your fur-baby within 2” margin. Jus to be sure, you can always buy the next size cutting pattern.

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