DIY Dog Grooming at Home

DIY Dog Grooming at Home

This is a time when people seem to be living on a budget. If you own a pet, then you most likely spend a lot in grooming. But you can save that money by grooming your dog at home. This article provides tips on how to groom your dog at home and you can do this successfully if you invest in the right equipment.

You can bath your dog on a per-need basis. Do not use human shampoo products, it can cause allergies, dry skin and skin irritation. Get dog-based shampoo products.

You will need to constantly trim your dog’s hair, if you have a long-haired dog. This will prevent tangles and formation of mats. This will also ensure that your dog is not infested with tick, lice and fleas. The length of your dog’s hair will determine the frequency of the trimming. Also brush your dog’s hair regularly. It will keep the hair tangle-free and also make it shinny.

Also ensure that your dog’s ears are cleaned regularly. This is even more important if your dog has thick hair near the ears. Trim the hair to prevent wax and building of dirt. Using cotton-tipped ear cleaners on your dog’s ears might damage the dog’s ear drums.

Trim the toenails regularly to ensure comfort for your dog when walking and running. Overgrown nails can cause your dog pain, it can also damage your carpet and furniture. Light-coloured nails often have quick, which can be likened to the human’s cuticle. Be careful not to cut the quick, it contains nerves and blood vessels.

You should start grooming very early in the dog’s life. It is better and easier to groom your dog in the puppy stage. This will ensure that your dog gets used to the routine.

You can groom your dog at home without stretching your budget.


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