Are you poinsoning your pup?

The Facts:  Are You Poisoning Your Pup?

As pet parents, we want to give our fur-babies nothing but the best. While you probably wouldn’t consider letting your precious pup grab a gulp of water from a mud puddle or lake, you might be shocked to learn what’s lurking in the “good” water you give him.

We make sure the live in the lap of luxury by providing them with top-quality food and plenty of clean, fresh water too.  Some us even give our pooches bottled water…to be on the safe-side.


The History behind

For years, fluoride was considered to be a good thing, for humans and for pets.  Or, so the story goes, at least.  Toothpaste and mouthwash companies boasted that their product contained it and it was added to public water for what was believed to be the cavity-fighting, positive properties it had to offer.  Doggie dental chews were proud to post their products contained fluoride too.  But, is fluoride poisoning our pets?

Fluoride began being dumped into public water systems back in 1945.  It was presented as a godsend for dental health.  Not everyone fell for the fluoride frenzy though.

In an article on the Science History website, the controversy is clearly laid out in an objective format rather than calling those who believe the fluoride craze to be a communist conspiracy theory to be crazy.  Then, there is the possibility that fluoride, like asbestos, was truly believed to be of value.  Through the years, scientific and medical research has proven otherwise, however.


The Hidden Dangers

Osteopathic physician and world renown alternative medicine expert, Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote an article entitled “The 10 Facts about Fluoride You Need to Know” in which he brought up the most prevalent dangers associated with fluoride.  In the piece, he backed up facts stating that in the 80 years fluoride has been put in American drinking water, there is no correlation between drinking it and the prevention of cavities. 

Mercola referenced a 500 page report on a fluoride study that pinpointed other organs fluoride affects, and not in a good way.  It has been linked to endocrine issues, blood sugar problems, thyroid abnormalities, brain dysfunctions, and has a possible link the cancer.  He also provided proof that it definitely has a direct link to arthritis. even published an online article on the subject of the relationship between fluoride and medical problems, such as arthritis.  The publication said that a mere 10 milligrams of fluoride given over the course of 10 years is enough to cause crippling skeletal fluorosis. In some parts of the country, fluoride is so heavily dumped into the water, babies are getting 100 times more than the recommended doses on a regular basis.  What does that mean for our fur-babies?


How Does It Affect Dogs?

It’s an established fact that fluoride is harmful to humans.  But, what about our canine friends?  What damage can fluoride do to a dog?  The answer is a difficult one to answer.  Drawing attention to the destruction fluoride can cause in the human body has been hard enough to get legitimate tests run on.  Profits are at stake.  Plus, what kind of liability would the government and municipalities be under?

Dr. Mercola didn’t leave our trusty furry ones out of his studies.  In his article, he concluded that over 34 human studies and at least 100 animal studies have linked fluoride toxicity to a myriad of negative and even dangerous physical conditions. And by the way,

Dogs are not immune to medical conditions caused directly by fluoride.  In fact, because they are smaller than humans, the chance they are getting toxic amounts is very probable.


Don’t Dogs Have Super-Powered Immunities?

While, over the years, canines have built up some immunities to certain things in the water that humans haven’t, fluoride isn’t one of them.  Dogs, to an extent, are able to drink water from a clean creek that would possibly make a human very sick.  But when it comes to toxins, such as fluoride, dogs have no more immunity than they do to any other poisonous agent. 


When It Gets Personal

From a personal prospective, I took my dog for a walk at the dog park recently.  Within minutes, we had crossed paths with 4-5 dogs (all well taken care of) who suffered from arthritis.  The most surprising fact was that 4 of the dogs were not up in years.  That spurred me to wonder what they all have in common.  It took only a short time before it hit me…water.  Every dog drinks water.

From the household tap water to water sold in bottles, fluoride is everywhere.  You, like myself, have probably given your pup fluoride-laden treats and dental chews, thinking you were doing them a favor.  Did you know many dog foods even has fluoride added?  The majority of bottled waters have fluoride added and guess what?  That is one of the number of things they do not have to disclose on the label.  To find un-fluorinated brands of bottled waters, check out this list


Am I saying that the fluorinated water we are giving our dogs are killing them?  I can only say I hope it’s not.  Is it causing medical conditions like it does in humans?  Probably.  By being aware and taking preventative precautions, maybe, just maybe, we can keep our fur-babies around longer and make sure their lives and happy and healthy for the time we do have with them.

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