5 Easy & Creative DIY Sewing Ideas For Dogs

December 6, 2020by CR810

5 Easy & Creative DIY Sewing Ideas For Dogs

You and your pet share everything. Snuggles on the couch, a bite or three of breakfast, a love of playtime, and, of course, a killer fashion sense.

But if you’re tired of paying way too much for dog (or cat) clothes that not only they don’t fit, they are plainly just another wardrobe malfunction or the laugh of the corner. We’re here to help you say sayonara to overpriced clothes online. It’s super easy to make adorable dog clothes–all you need is a sewing machine, fabric, a bit of creativity, and, of course, your assistant/model.

Here are five easy and creative DIY sewing ideas for dog clothing, all based around the fast and easy Fundamental dog shirt. Once you master this style, the world is your oyster.

1. Fundamental

With the Fun-damental project (see what we did there?) you can create a super fun, super easy dog shirt in a few simple steps. From there, you can easily adapt the shirt to the other four styles on this list.

For this project, you’ll need five materials:

  1. Sewing machine
  2. Fabric of choice
  3. Cutting pattern
  4. Pins
  5. Bias or binding
  6. Optional: hot fix (to dazzle up your project)

The first step is always the cutting pattern. To get that, you’ll need:

  1. Measuring tape (for measuring your dog, of course)
  2. Pen, pencil, or marker
  3. Drawing tools
  4. Scissors
  5. A4 size paper (or any type of paper you prefer)

There are nine measurement steps:

  1. Length (neck to tail)
  2. Neck (circumference of the neck, divided by 3 and multiplied by 2)
  3. Neck to the front leg (to measure the length to the arm opening)
  4. Arm arch
  5. Leg/dorsal (measure across your dog’s back from the top of one front leg to the top of the other, divided by 2)
  6. Front girth (measure behind the front legs, divided by 3 and multiplied by 2)
  7. Tail to lower girth (determines the length of the belly panel)
  8. Lower girth (measure in front of the hind legs, divided by 3 and multiplied by 2)
  9. Leg/ventral (measure between the front legs)

If you’re ever not sure how to measure, this video can help.

Once you have your fabric, your pattern, a transparent ruler, and an Exacto knife, use the ruler to stabilize the fabric and cut it around the pattern with the Exacto knife. Don’t forget to add seam allowances! Otherwise, it won’t fit your dog.

Repeat this process with each panel of the project (dorsal panel, ventral panel, and sleeves). You can cut both sleeves at the same time, just don’t forget to add seam allowances at both ends.

If you decide to use embroidery or a hot fix, apply it before you start sewing.

Once you start sewing, start with the shoulders, then apply the bias to the entire neckline. Once you’re done with the shoulders, apply bias on both sleeves and sew them onto the main panel, affixing them with a pin if necessary. The narrow portion goes through the ventral panel (otherwise, you’ll get sleeves that are pyramid-shaped instead of pointing straight down). After the sleeves are fully sewn on, apply the binding to the ventral panel and sew it on. Oh, and don’t forget to add binding to the hem.

Last but not least, sew both sides together, et voila! You have an adorable, super easy, and fundamental dog shirt you can adapt to any of the other four styles.

2. Lick-licious

The Lick-licious pattern is an adorable variation on the Fundamental dog shirt, featuring sailor-themed additions to the original style.

This style is perfect for a dog (or cat!) who loves the water, or a fur baby who loves hanging out with their favorite humans on the water. If you’ve got a pet that sails the ocean blue with you (or just takes a leisurely Sunday putter around the lake) they’ll be right in their element.

This pattern can be as simple or outrageous as you’d like it to be. Start by selecting a nautical-themed fabric, or a simple fabric that recalls sailing–navy blue, anyone? You can up the ante on the nautical cuteness with embroidering or a nautical hot fix, like an anchor, sailboat, ship wheel, starfish, or other cute addition.

After that, you can add whatever details you’d like. Maybe a first mate bandana? What about some ruffled sleeves? Whether your dog or cat is preppy or pirate, you can adapt this style for your best sailing days.

3. Dog-sey: The Cutest Baseball Jersey

What dog doesn’t love chasing a baseball? What cat doesn’t love chilling on the couch while the humans cheer for their team? With this pattern, they can dress up in spirit wear for the game too–you know, to prove they’re the cutest fan in the stands and totally the unofficial team mascot.

To adapt the Fundamental shirt, take a look at traditional baseball jersey patterns. This could be a player’s jersey or a regular baseball shirt (a plain shirt with colorful sleeves, topped off with a player’s name and number).

We love the idea of adding baseball sleeves–swapping out white fabric for colorful sleeves is a great way to recall a baseball shirt. Embroider or apply your favorite player’s name and number and you’re on your way to a baseball shirt.

Fair warning: you might just be distracted from the game by the cutest fan in the house.

4. Ball Sports: Your Dog’s Favorite Kind

If baseball isn’t really your game, you can adapt the Fundamental shirt to other great ball sports. Basketball? Or maybe the NFL? Whatever sport you and your pet bond over, it’s easy to adapt this shirt for game day.

The simplest way to adapt the shirt is by choosing fabric in your team’s colors and using embroidery or a hot fix to add your favorite player’s name and number to the back. You can also add your team’s logo if you’d like to keep it simple.

Either way, you and your pet will be ready to curl up and cheer for your team (and compete over who gets the tailgate food on commercial breaks).

5. Pawsome (With a Bow Tie!)

Want a simple but fun alteration to the Fundamental shirt that will make your pet look a little fancy for a big event? The Pawsome version of the Fundamental shirt comes with an extra bow on top–literally, a bow tie!

This style is super snazzy and easy to add to the back panel of the shirt. Plus, because it’s on your dog’s back instead of around their neck, you don’t need to worry about them chewing on the bow (although your other pets might be tempted).

All you need to do is pick a snazzy fabric color, buy extra strips of fancy fabric or ribbon, sew the Fundamental shirt, and sew the fabric or ribbon on the back so you can tie it in a bow.

Capture Your Mini-Me’s Personality

At PetAdorn, we firmly believe that dogs are part of the family, and they deserve the very best. That includes adorable clothes, from shirts to protective gear to toys.

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