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My journey of dog ownership started when I was 2 and a half, when dad brought home a puppy that nibbled my tiny fingers — It was love at first nibble! Ever since then, dogs and I have been FUR-ever friends. Now years passed, my passion for dogs only grew founder.

With dad’s love and his contribution, I started PetAdorn about 14 years ago. At the very inception, PetAdorn was about hats and costumes (for dogs, and cats, too) but things had a major change…

A few years back, my precious Gaston, Lhasa Apso took his last breaths in my arms at age 13. It’s hard when you lose a companion you’ve had for years. Before the lights went completely off in his eyes, he had developed signs of health conditions: flatulation, slowness, change of temperament, disoriented, hips and joints problem…Since then I’ve taken a deep interest in the factors that make dogs sick: things in the home and yard that often take dogs’ lives far too early.

A couple weeks ago, I saw 5 or 6 dogs in the park walking with their owners. All with obvious signs of serious illness including arthritis. I have gone through the hardships and, I wanted to do something that can be influential, at least one at the time.
I grew up around the unconditional love of canines – and I know that it’s something worth wearing on your sleeves.

The existence of PetAdorn is to help you celebrate your fur-ever friend: from inside and out! Your fur-baby deserves the best! I know you are doing everything you could to ensure that. Let’s make dog ownership a fantastic journey to the maximum.