4 Natural detoxers for dogs

4 Effective Natural Dog  Detoxers

While it is true that there are benefits to pet vaccines, the process has negative implications as well.  Vaccines introduce toxins into your pet’s system which can be harmful.  Among the so-called “mystery ingredients” lurking in the vaccine, there are four known culprits: aluminum (known to accelerate aging within the brain), Thimerosal (a mercury-based preservative), contaminants (some of which are carcinogenic), animal protein (when injected triggers an abnormal flood of white blood cells). In the vaccine industry, it all adds up to big bucks (well over 35 billion per year), but the truth is – vaccines can spell disaster to your furry friend.

Whether you are vaccinating because you believe it will protect your dog from diseases or if you reluctantly do so just to be in compliance of your city or county’s regulations, a vaccination detox is a wise follow up. 

Here are a four tried and true detoxes that have been proven to be very successful:

Barley Grass Powder or Extract

It’s a misconception that dogs eat grass just to remedy an upset stomach.  They actually have a natural attraction to eating grass because it is very good for them.  It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes so it cleanses the body’s cells and helps fight infections and heal.  It is an excellent catalyst to rid the system of toxins too. 

The problem with wild barley grass is that it is often contaminated with chemical fertilizer and insecticides.  You can create your own post-vaccination barley grass detox by adding a chemical-free barley grass powder or extract to your dog’s food.  If you purchase a pre-made mix, the directions will come with the product.  You can, however, concoct your own formulation.  Just snip organic barley grass into small slivers then generously add it atop your pup’s wet, dry, or raw food. If you really want to go all out, you can actually grow your own barley grass to use.


Cilantro is a plants whose leaves and seeds are often used for culinary and medicinal purposes, for humans and for dogs.  Cilantro is a natural detox that is especially effective for ridding the body of heavy metals which are found in vaccinations.  It also provides overall cellular health and promotes antioxidant support for your pooch.

It can be introduced to your dog’s system in its natural state by chopping the plant into small pieces and adding to his food or you can use a drop or two of cilantro oil or bottled cilantro for dogs.  Do be sure it is organic which means it is free of GMOs and unwanted chemicals.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a flowering herb which is a cousin to the ragweed and daisy family.  It is a superb treatment for detoxifying the liver.  Since the liver is where toxins flock to, milk thistle is very conducive for getting the damaging ingredients of vaccines out of your dog’s system. 

You can grow your own milk thistle and add it to your dog’s food but the most common way to introduce it is to purchase milk thistle in bottled form.  Follow the directions for the suggested amount according to his size.  Another good thing about milk thistle is that the results occur very quickly after it is administered so the toxins spend minimal your dog’s system.


 is a flowering herb related to the daisy and ragweed family. … Milk thistle is sometimes used as a natural treatment for liver problems. These liver problems include cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis, and gallbladder disorders.

Epson Salt and Essential Oil Spa Bath

Epson salt naturally detoxes the body and relaxes it too.  By adding in some dog-friendly detoxifying essential oil, you’ll nip the introduction of dangerous ingredients in the bud.  Simply mix one cup of Epson salt with 2 Tablespoons of a carrier, like non-hydrogenated coconut oil.  Add in several drop of frankincense, lavender, or even a pet-formulation blend.  Run a tub of lukewarm water and add the formulation.  Then, gently coax your dog into the water.  Keep him in the bath as long as he will tolerate it and then fluff him dry.

Helpful Hints

In addition to the detoxes above, here are some suggestions concerning your dog’s vaccinations:

  • It’s ok to ask questions. Some vaccines are recommended by veterinarians but are not required by regulations.  Give yourself permission to question your dog’s vet about each vaccine and the ingredients thereof.  You can also conduct your own research online.
  • Detox in a timely manner. The sooner you can give your dog detox after his vaccine is administered, the better.  The less time the toxins are in his system, the less harm they will do.
  • Experiment to find the perfect detox cocktail. All dog’s systems are different.  If one detox doesn’t set well with your dog, you can try another one the next time he is vaccinated. 
  • Detox for other chemical contacts too. The same detoxes used for vaccinations can be employed for other chemicals your dog may encounter like tainted grass, flea and tick collars and shampoos, and unpurified tap water.


Vaccines for dogs are often mandatory, whether you are an advocate of vaccines or not.  But, that doesn’t leave you helpless as a pet parent.  No matter what your reasons for vaccinating are, detoxing your dog from the toxic ingredients puts the ball back in your park so you can keep your beloved four-legged friend as healthy as possible. 


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