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Animal lovers, it doesn't have to be the spookiest night of the year to dress up in pet outfits.

PetAdorn is more than just a premier provider of outfit costume. We are dedicated to bring you exclusive and original collection of designer dog costume - a complete ensemble that compliments your look. Our aim is to capture your mini-me version in matching theme Halloween or special event party.

Looking for a special dog Halloween costume for upscale small and tiny dogs love the in-style clothing other than their own birthday suit? Shop on our Costume Store for exquisite line of Halloween dog costume. Pick your favorite dogs costume character. It's time to dress up and stand out among the crowds alongside with those trick-o-treaters. Don't mess up Halloween costumes party. Our easy wear costumes and comfortable Victorian vintage designer Halloween costume won't constrict puppy body movement or stress your fashion-minded pooch because looking fabulous in costume is mandatory.

Still can't find a particular theme costume that you are looking for to complete your mini-me costumes look? Do you need a custom works? Simply drop us an email and attach a picture or two, tell us what you are looking for. We will take care of your needs from there. If you are unsure your fido wearing holiday dog costume spirit runs as high as you do, try a safer alternative with dog sweatshirts or hats.


  • Alice wonderland costume

    For the adventurous and exploring puppy. Inspired by the Alice in Wonderland wizard of o Complete ensemble of Alice costume dress and hair bow set.

    $44.45 (€33.34)
  • Angel Fairy

    The purest form of supreme divine being. Angel dress is Made of Multi-layered skirt of different Materials. The bodice is fully lined and comes with angel wings. Completes with halo hat with ear loops.

    $44.45 (€33.34)
  • Betsy Ross Dress

    Stunning and one of the Most popular every day wear.

    Miss Uncle Sam Dress is Made of cotton T/C, dome shaped sleeves ruffled with lace, neck line, along the edge of the skirt. Touched up with sequent bow and an apron, great for the President's day parade.

    Patriotic Set includes:

    - Bonnet Hat,

    - Betsy Ross Dress.

    $44.45 (€33.34)
  • Black Swan Costume

    Close your eyes, let your princess fantasy take you to a Ballerina dream realm where girls dance freely like a black swan alongside with their dogs in black swan dress up events. Little girl's princess dream can be just a click away with this princess swam lake dog dress outfit.

    2pcs black swan costume set:

    - Dog swan dress with tutu skirt.

    - crown hat trimmed with black marabou boa

    $39.45 (€29.59)
  • Blue Cowboy Dog Hat

    Southwest living come to life with cowboy hat in rodeo style. Exclusive design Blue Rodeo cowboy hat comes with elastic under the chin with ear loops that don't shake off easily.
    $14.45 (€10.84)
  • Buccaneer Pirate Costume

    Notorious 17th century Caribbean pirates dare you to across the path with their high sea territory. They are more than roundsman, they are Buccaneer of the Caribbean! Boatswain, shall we proceed with onward toward further north or prepare for the final leg of the cruise?

    Put on your Buccaneer costume, whether it is Chihuahua, shih-poo, Maltese or any other breeds, surely you are ready to sail the high sea soaring and roaring via the pirate round, oh yes, it's definitely fine if you love to arrr and grrr like a pirate.

    Hand crafted with human grade quality fabric that's close to the soft suede hand feel. A period of time referred to as the Golden Age of Piracy Blackbeard captain style Buccaneer Pirate Costume.

    This set was PetAdorn's genuine creation, you won't see it anywhere else, not even at your local pet boutique store.

    4pcs set include:

    - tricorn pirate hat

    - pirate shirt

    - Faux suede vest with fine leather hand feel, with pirate embroidery on vest.

    - Belt

    $59.45 (€44.59)
    $69.45 , save 14%
  • Bumble Bee Dog Halloween Costume

    This friendly bug that we all so familiar from early on in our lives- bumble bee is surely cute enough to steal the show of the dog walk boulevard.

    Not only because honeybees are social but they do cooperate with one and another, small dog Halloween costumes are so adorable, one could not care whether it is male or female, let's put on bee costume dog, after all, it's show time.

    Bumblebee Costume is hand-tailored dress with bright yellow body and black striations, tutu style skirt is Made of Multi-layered black and yellow tulle.

    Bumblebee hat is highly adjustable, comfortable and doesn't shake off easily. Antennae come with two floral above, adds extra cuteness and uniqueness.

    $44.45 (€33.34)
  • Bumble Bee Tux

    Here comes your busy worker bee, he's just cute as a bumblebee.

    Honeybees' population in the US are critically low, Beekeepers, a good health of your bumblebee is extremely important! Shall we put this friendly garden insect back, let it fly freely in the doggy park, parade or among flowers.

    Set comes with antennae hat with ear loops made of cotton and Bee Tuxedo

    $44.45 (€33.34)
  • Camo Dress

    Let's play soldier in woodland camouflage tutu dress. A Must-have Military jungle battle inspired dog dress, complete ensemble for the camouflage BDU enthusiastic dogs. 2pc set: Camo dress tutu - matching camo baseball hat.

    $39.45 (€29.59)
  • Chippendale Tuxedo

    Impressive appeal tuxedo Chippendale outfit. Surely this sweet, playful lover boy Chippendale tuxedo look lasts with "less is more." Let your special event be a formal black tie event, party or wedding, don't miss out flirty lasting moment look. 4pcs set of poly/cotton spats, collar and removable neck bow.
    $18.45 (€13.84)
    $29.45 , save 37%
  • Civil War Uniform

    The Complete Deluxe War Hero Costume for the one sacrificed its entire life for being faithfully and forever wagging tail.

    for pooches endowed with courage and strength, of course, favored by all. It is your right to celebrate in style with Deluxe Civil War Uniform dog Costume.

    This British uniform inspired outfit includes a handsome long tail coat royal guard costume in blue with red collar and cuffs garnished with vintage gold buttons. The black hat is made of felt, a feather and trimmed with gold for a grand style look This is reminiscent of the Revolutionary Period.

    2 pcs set:

    - Tricorn hat: Black

    - Long coat: fully lined with tail.

    - Don't forget to add other accessories for your parade or party Patterns

    ** Shirt sold separately Ready to lead his troops into battle!

    $54.45 (€40.84)
  • Classic CowBoy Dog

    The Spirit of the American West found in classic cowboy dog. Let's saddle up with great Dallas rider look and timeless wardrobe of the classic American West era with western wear cowboy costume. 3pcs set:

    - Cowboy Hat,Bandanna: loop through collar - Denim vest.

    $49.45 (€37.09)